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Star Wars Day

I may not be an avid Star Wars fan, but I do love a good play on words. Happy May 4th to all of you out there! Enjoy the day! Beatus Manifestationes,Nomadic Free Spirit

MelanatedMagicSeries #Day3

Sun-kissed:Melanated people literally need the sun to survive! Like plants, we are able to absorb sunlight for various biochemical reactions in the body. So ensure you get your daily dosage to maintain your awesomeness!

#MelanatedMagicSeries #Day2

TALENTED AF: Sometimes I have to stop and be amazed at the immense talent which comes from our melanated tribe. We dominate every field and keep pushing boundaries. We just keep doing it and doing it and doing it some more! I was scrolling through FB and I saw this video and I was more proud to be melanated!

So Long, Farewell (Bisous, Bisous)!

Dear 2019, Letting go used to be so hard for me because I was petrified of what was coming my way. Taking the time to figure that out helped me to embrace all the unexpected encounters wholeheartedly. I’m no longer scared to let you go; I’m open to the new possibilities that will present itself to me. I’m ready for all the beautiful souls I will cross paths with to help me expand my thinking, the experiences that will aid in my growth to my best self. You gave me… Read more So Long, Farewell (Bisous, Bisous)!

BNMW Update!

Blogfessions of a Nomadic Mind Wanderer will be coming to you on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays*!! *Unless it’s a special event! Tuesdays and Saturdays will be regular posts (whatever pops into my head)! Thursdays will be #thursdaythoughts (memes, quotes, etc that resonated with me!) I know I can do, it’s just a matter of planning it out. I’m glad you are on this journey with me! Pax et Felicitatem,Nomadic Mind Wanderer

Cleanliness is close to Godliness…(pt 1)

Growing up, I always heard the saying cleanliness is close to Godliness. I always thought that was my mother’s way of getting me and my siblings to clean the house and yard every day. Keeping the place so clean that all will be right in the universe. As I grew older, I realised I should apply this to every aspect of my life. Keeping my body clean so I would obtain my weight goal plus I would have the stamina to do all the activities I want to do. Keeping… Read more Cleanliness is close to Godliness…(pt 1)

Like Nike (Just Do it!)…

Setting goals makes you super organised, but what about accomplishing them? Believe it or not, growing up, I was THE MOST reserved person ever. I was, indeed, my father’s daughter. I would sit alone, lost in my thoughts for hours because I thought my opinions were best kept to myself. I became more withdrawn as a result and didn’t think anything was worth saying, anymore. Eventually, I started feeling this weight, I couldn’t pinpoint it, but I kept going. There was this one instance where I wanted to partake in… Read more Like Nike (Just Do it!)…


It’s said the beginning is always a good place to start. But which beginning should I start at though, which version of myself should I thoroughly go into? In this instance, I think I will start with my passion for writing. Growing up, my dad always gave me old yearly planners; I never knew why, but I accepted it wholeheartedly (maybe he knew about my future knack for writing). The outdated planners never bothered me because I would always be creative with the dates so that the years matched. I… Read more THE BEGINNING IS A GOOD PLACE TO START…

Always allow the possibility for growth…

Take as much time as you need to reinvent/relaunch yourself. Apps are constantly updating to give you the best product, why can’t you give yourself the opportunity to constantly improve too? Thank you for believing in me. I hope you enjoy these creations and they inspire you to complete something of your bucket list. This is an area for growth! Subscribe below to get notifications about new updates!