I think It’s Time (The Epilogue to The Act of Calling out)

I usually write about whatever pops into my head. There is an element of randomness I appreciate; I think it’s because I’m so spontaneous. About a week ago, I posted “I think it’s time” because it felt right. Then after posting “the art of calling out” I thought that I should repost “I think it’s time” cause it tied together so well.

I mentioned that I don’t call out people that much. However, there are times when someone you love is doing the most and slapping the stupidity out of them will get you arrested. So, you have to try a less physical approach.

I think we need to set the scene a bit. PS: The name in this post is fictitious, any stories in real life which bare any similarity is purely coincidently.

Yasmin has been in a situationship with a guy for ages. She makes promises to stop seeing him, but there is something that keeps luring her back (maybe the…). He never really cares until Yasmin is talking to other guys. She has ended so many potential relationships because she thinks he is serious this time. It lasts for a few weeks, and it’s the same drama again. Every time he breaks her heart, she gets sick because it stresses her out. I’ve spoken to her before, but she doesn’t listen. She is beginning to lose friendships because she thinks people don’t want to see her happy.

I love you, so I KNOW you need to hear this:
I’m tired of giving you too much of myself with no appreciation.
I’m tired of having to constantly listen to you without you acknowledging the impact of your negativity.
There comes a time in life when you need to realise that your choices affect people in your radius.
Your naivety is restricting access to your common sense.
I know you know better cause I’ve seen you accomplish goals before.
I pray that you break free from the shackles of the generational curses.
You need to understand the correlation between the energy you attract and the negativity you encounter.
I try to be there for you without thought, but you are draining me.
I can feel your discord from the time I pick my phone.
I know you are lonely, but you can never be alone after you’ve made peace with yourself.
It’s not that hard if you make an effort, but you need at try.
It’s not me; it’s you. Until you realise it’s you, you’ll always consider yourself to be Atlas.

Pax et Felicitatem,
Nomadic Mind Wanderer


  1. “Your naivety is restricting access to your common sense”
    “I know you are lonely, but you can never be alone after you’ve made peace with yourself.”
    Your words really jump out and captures attention and makes me sit up and nod my head. Thank you and yes I think it is time for me to be happy again.


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