1 Step, (2 Steps, 3 Steps, 4)

We all have this ideology that we are not there yet. When asked the question, “why do you think this?” We go on listing things that we think we should have by a certain age — an ideology based on what was taught to us by society. We aim to reach hard this “gold standard” that we forget to enjoy the beauty of our present. These would include anything that brings you joy.

If we were to do introspection, we would realise that we have lots going on. We seem to fixate on the opinion that we are continuously deviating from the plan. If we are not strong-willed, this “deviation” can be daunting. We can be consumed with the notion that our lives are just stagnant and can act like we are in auto-pilot.

Many times I did feel this way for extended periods. It was THE WORST feeling because I couldn’t help thinking about how wrong my life is going. This made me so frustrated because I couldn’t do anything to fix it. It made me replay on all the decisions I made and classed them as regrets. I always thought about the “what-ifs.”

I always seem to feel worse after I speak to a friend or family member as they would remind me of the things I’m yet to accomplish. After the encounters, I always go into further panic, then tried to figure ways to attain these goals. This pattern had me more into my feelings and subsequently, a wreck. At this point, I was genuinely stagnant, and I was going in circles. I eventually realised that my new goal was to be happy and started working towards that…

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