The Job Experience…(cont’d)

Example 4:

“Growing up, I wasn’t dreaming about the traditional life goals of getting married and having children. I did see myself as a forensic pathologist and have dog babies. However, lately, it seems as if my career goals are against me. I never wanted to end up here, but I had no choice to accept this job, and now I feel stuck. I remember being in the last year of my undergraduate program I got selected for this prestigious internship. I was so excited, but that was short-lived. Due to unforeseen circumstances, I lost the opportunity. Ironically, this happened around thanksgiving. How could I be thankful when I felt like a failure, this hurt more than any relationship I encountered. My one goal in life, shattered, I’m not sure what I can do from here.”

Example 5:

“I got the opportunity to come to another country to study. It was a dream to pursue my degree of choice. Moving here was great, but there were lots of things to adjust, coming from a small island. Having people not understand my accent, so I have to speak quite slow, not being able to get my comfort foods, not being able to meet up with my friends and dealing with an extremely fast-paced place. These things were nothing in comparison to the shock of the weather. Coming when it was summer was bearable, but when it came to winter, I was unable to fathom how the sun was out, and it was so cold. I got sick quite a lot because no matter how I dressed, I still felt cold. It was indeed a shock because I didn’t know anyone, so it was school and home. I scroll through social media to get an idea of what was going on at home, but that can’t help me with my loneliness. I see all my friends celebrating milestones, and I’m not there to share in the joy.”

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