The Job Experience…

The Job Experience is defined as anyone who feels their life is in a slump. It may be mental, emotional, or financial stagnation. You tend to find yourself uninspired and going through the motions.

Examples 1:

“I got up on the day, and it hit me that I was an adult. But what made it worse was that I was a single adult post 25. All my close friends were either in serious relationships or married, and here I was without even a prospect. I tried dating people, but it never felt right. All I encountered were men that not want to be in a relationship (with me) but wanted to use me. I prefer to be alone until I found someone compatible, but it gets so lonely. I feel this pressure daily that I need to keep up with my friends. Every time I see my family, they ask about my love life until one day it became an impromptu intervention. I know I feel like a failure, don’t need to be reminded constantly.”

Example 2:

“Nothing I do seem to do bears any clarity. I feel stuck, and no solution appears obvious to me. It’s so frustrating because sometimes I feel like no matter how much work I complete, I get no appreciation or no motivation. What’s more disheartening is because of my current situation, I can’t leave. In essence, I am frustrated, unmotivated and stuck. All of the people I speak to tell me I should be happy because I have a job, but I always think ‘what’s the point of having a job if you are unhappy’. I am ambitious, and I want to have my version of happiness, which means having a life where I am challenged on every level. Being in this job takes a lot out of me, and there is nothing I can do about it at the moment. I can only blame myself for I intentionally put myself here. When the opportunity first presented itself, I had a bad feeling, but the one good thing of security outweighed all the bad on that pro/con list. Should have I trusted the process and not proceeded, but that is no longer an option. Being mentally unmotivated does force you to get things done.”

Example 3:

“I was so excited to come home after completing my degree. It was an excellent opportunity to get a chance to live somewhere and learn new experiences. Coming back home was indeed a shock for me, I was no longer use to the temperature (I complained about the heat all the time), and people use to call me Miss America cause I no longer spoke like them. One of the most significant adjustments was dealing with my friends; we didn’t have that many things in common anymore. We would go out, and I would feel left out because they would have their inside jokes. Even though I was home, it felt like I was in an alternate reality. Finding a job was the hardest, I thought having a degree would give me an advantage, but it felt like people were scared to hire me because they would lose their jobs. It’s been months and nothing, I always think about what it would be like if I had just stayed. I know I would be teaching in a permanent position and possibly married. Sometimes I feel like a stranger in my home, and the worse thing is that no one I know seems to understand.”

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  1. The constant mental battle can get to you. The lack of motivation, concern and care in areas of your life that matters most… it equates to boring holes into one’s very soul…urrrrgh!


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