About Me!

Born and raised in Grenada, but a citizen of the world! I love getting the opportunity to experience each day so that I can create positivity.

I’m an Analytical Chemist by day, a writer at night and adventurer all year round. I started writing as a child and it just grew from there. I love the way I feel when I write, I create magic whenever I release my thoughts, so I created this space to share the magic. Hopefully, my writing will inspire someone to grow and achieve destined greatness.

“Take as much time as you need to reinvent/relaunch yourself. Apps are constantly updating to give you the best product, why can’t you give yourself the opportunity to constantly improve too?”
-D L Lewis-Pierre

Thank you for believing in me. I hope you enjoy these creations and they inspire you to complete something off your bucket list. This is an area for growth!

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